As with people, animals are emotionally sensitive, and traumatic experiences can cause lasting scars that may be difficult to overcome. Feelings of abandonment, betrayal, stress, fear, rage, anxiety and depression fill an emotional space in an animal that really only wants to please. When a dog is surrendered to a shelter, they must emotionally overcome all these feelings or they will eventually deteriorate.

Each essential oil in our Rescue Blend is designed to work together to strengthen areas that have been affected by negative experiences. This powerful blend of essential oils can help soothe and comfort the sharp edges of emotional trauma. It can assist with the transition from overwhelming grief, anger and sadness to emotions that are in balance and optimistic.

  • Cypress

    When life transitions there can be a sense of loss. This scent calms and is specific to grief, anger and sadness, and has been traditionally used for over emotionality.

  • Lavender

    Since Biblical days, Lavender calms and stabilizes overall emotion equilibrium. It enhances and balances a raucous emotional state. 

  • Spikenard

    Since the time of the Bible, this oil has had a calming affect on the mind to soothe deepest forms of anxiety. It can instill a profound sense of peace.

  • Neroli

    Neroli not only calms and soothes the mind but restores the sense of hope. It benefits those who have issues with confronting painful and disturbing emotions. 

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